Well of Compassion

              Wells of Compassion:

The Living Master Returns his Love to his Homeland 

A Charity Project for Poor Villages in Binh Son and Binh Giang Commune, Vietnam   

School of Love

At the end of 2012, Master Ruma went to visit Kampong Chhnang Province and heard that Sala Sarey Chey Mankol Village still lacked a school for children due to lack of funding. Hearing about that story, Master Ruma immediately offered help by diverting funds saved for building a meditation center to build a school for the village instead.

Master RUMA brings divine bliss and compassion to the season of Children's Festival

In preparation for the new School-year 2013-2014 and the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, Master Ruma endowed in-cash and in-kind donations of more than US$25,000 to the underprivileged students as well as 400 disadvantaged households living in Binh Son and Binh Giang Commune, the remote areas of Hon Dat District, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. 

Blessing at the end of life

Master Ruma visited and lectured at a nursing home in Udon Thani province-the Kingdom of Thailand
17 October 2013