Currently in the world there are many people who practice the Light and Sound Meditation Method. This is a supreme method which leads us to walk on the path of liberation, but through the guidance of a living Master. This is the method that all the old religious Masters attained their enlightenment.
          The Light and Sound Meditation Method is to concentrate on the internal Word. Within us, there is the Sound and the Light of Heaven. This is the best method to help us look towards the inside, to the Light of God and the holy sound inside of us.
          The magical sound is the sound that God created the whole world to nourish the Universe. This holy sound, we cannot hear with human ears, cannot explain in the language of the world. It can only be felt by our soul. The Light and Sound is the creator of the Universe. The power of the sound connects us to the glory of God. This sound is always within us, s the Scripture says that "God is always present within us" or "the Kingdom of God within us." In Buddhist sutras, it says: "Buddha in Mind" or "Buddha nature exists in every living being."
         The Magic Sound of Universal Love is manifested by God, that the Light and Sound. All Masters from ancient times spoke about the Light and Sound. The Master of the 21st century also emphasizes and reminds the students to turn to this noble sound. When you practice the Light and Sound Meditation, your soul will be uplifted.
          During initiation, the power of Master will be transferred to the disciples. The disciple will see the light immediately. In the journey to find their spiritual roots, when your soul becomes wiser, then light and glory of God will come to you. Only the Sound can guide you and may shed new light on the road, open up your inner wisdom. There are also areas of high spirituality, we need the sound to guide our soul to get there.
         The power of the Sound will wash away all the karmas we have created in lifetimes and the Light will dispel darkness in our heart. Seeing the Light we see this as being a part of God. So we need to continue trying to improve more to be able to be one with Him.

          To receive the miracle of God, supreme power, wise Wisdom, and vast ocean of love or the tranquil sound hidden in every living being, you must have the guidance of a living Master, whom you must be initiated with.
And who is going to lead us on the way there?
       Master Ruma is going to guide us. He will show us how to meditate through the Light and Sound Meditation method, help us to communicate with the wonderful sound. But if you want to be initiated to practice this method, you have to comply with the following requirements: Be a vegetarian and commit to the five precepts. This condition is also nothing difficult for those who really want to practice and wish for the one-life liberation.
        Vegetarianism is to let your heart be pure, gentle, easy to recognize the noble power from God, and to cultivate their compassion, express love to small animals and all beings in this universe.
       Those who sincerely desire to seek liberation, you have to be honest with yourself, commit to lifelong vegetarian and the five precepts. Things like meat, fish, shrimp, eggs do not only affect very deeply to your body but also affect the development of your mental and spiritual health. If you sacrifice a bit of your taste for the animals to have peace, serenity, you will feel better. These animals will not feel fear. Because of the fear, it will secrete toxins absorbed in its flesh, which affects your health. So it is best to be vegetarian, because vegetarian foods are easily digested, and meat is digested more slowly. It exists in your body for a long time, and easy to generate a lot of diseases. Hence, being vegetarian is very scientific and entirely reasonable.
         The Initiation requires you to be a constant vegetarian and observe the Five Basic Precepts, which are similar to the Ten Commandments in Catholicism. They are:
1. Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings. (including not eating feritilzed or nonferilized eggs)
2. Refrain from speaking what is not true
3. Refrain from sexual misconduct
4. Refrain from taking what is not offered
5. Refrain from the use of intoxicants. This includes avoiding all poisons of any kind, such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and excessively violent films or literature.

     As long as you are committed to practicing this Light and Sound Method everyday and strictly observe the 5 precepts, you will certainly be liberated for one life.