What is Initiation Like?

     The initiation ceremony by the Light and Sound Meditation Method is very simple, not something secret. Master Ruma, at the ceremony, instructs you how to meditate so that you can experience the inner light and sound. He takes care of you religiously. He said: “You will experience it when you meditate, thanks to your peace of mind. Even though I am not here, you can still attain the Great Dharma and open your Wisdom Eye, a state known as intuition or immediate enlightenment.

     The only requirement in this The Light and Sound Meditation Method for those having the initiation is that you meditate everyday for a certain amount of time to deepen their initial enlightenment experience and allow you to eventually attain the highest levels of Awakening or Buddhahood for yourself. 

     The initiation is by nature not initiation. Indeed, I help you realize your inner greatness. I do not come here to make you become Christians, Buddhists or my disciples. Rather, I would like to help you recover your Buddha Nature and become your own Master.

     As mentioned above, the initiation ceremony is offered free of charge. However, you will be asked to be a vegetarian. A lifetime commitment to the vegetarian diet is a necessary prerequisite for receiving initiation. Besides, you are required to live a humane life, especially not killing animals. After being initiated, you can meditate at home. Both monks or lay people can practice this method. This method is very helpful for your practice. The goal is to enable you to take care of yourself and get eternal liberation. Anyone can do it providing they sincerely yearn for it.

     Initiation is the most sacred thing in a person’s practice life since it marks the start of a journey back to their internal Primitive Origin. Master Ruma will show you this method in when you have peace of mind. Thus, it is known as “mind to mind” teaching. He and you just talked to each other so that you can feel comfortable and set all of your worry aside. During the initiation, you can still be aware of your Wisdom even though he is not beside you. This is known as “Immediate Enlightenment”.

    When you get initiation, it means that you have walked on the path of compassion, follow the standard and noble quality of the society. When you request for the initiation, you have to be a vegetarian at least three months and do not use any magic, do not watch violent films or pornography, do not kill animals no matter how small they are. We have to be forgiving, open-minded, live honestly and love all beings. Our career has to be pure. If we  still involve with killing, eating meat, drinking alcohol, these will affect our soul. This is the basic rules that initiates must be aware of.

      When a disciple has sincerely practiced, his life will change for the better, his greed will be diminished. At that time his mind will be clean and pure like a child. Your inner experience will prove the teachings of Master.
      When we have pure soul like the Buddha, we will feel light and happy because the holy sound has dispelled the dull ignorance in our mind and open our wisdom.

      Living our lives with spiritual disciplines is very meaningful for those who have high ideology. It is a vehicle that helps us practice the Light and Sound Meditation method.  

     If each day we try to practice, think of our inner Buddha, we will be enlightened quickly in our lives. We will be helped by the Master. Then our practice will be advanced. In the other hand, if we ignore the practice, we will slowly forget the enlightenment. Then our wisdom level will stop there.

      Anyone can practice the Light and Sound Meditation Method. No matter they are monks or lay people. Each day you try to meditate 2.5 hours to remember our Buddha wisdom, communicate with the power of the Universe and the Creator.

      There is no language in this world that can explain the greatness of a Master. He helps his disciples open their wisdom eyes and connect their soul to the holy sound and open the door of the inner heaven. At the moment, we will see the light of the dharma and hear the holy sound flowing within ourselves. At first, our brain cannot recognize this mystery. Even though those who live in the 21st century have never dreamed of the supernatural power of the Buddha who bring this miracle sound to the human world, bringing all sentient beings back to their own origin, stepping on the level of God and being one with him and the noble compassion of the Buddha. The Buddha comes from heaven. When he completes his tasks, he will return to heaven.

      We, Master Ruma’s disciples, have compiled all his lectures and appreciate the nobleness of these teachings. We sincerely want to study the dharma and wish for one-life liberation.

     We, the disciples, know that: “it’s difficult to be human. It’s difficult to listen to Buddha’s language. It’s the most difficult to meet a Living Buddha.” We are very fortunate to have met Master Ruma, the living Buddha of this century who gives us the supreme method to bring our soul back to the origin.

     We know that Master’s journey of seeking the true dharma was very strenuous. We asked his permission to collect all his teachings from his travel to help those who seek the true Dharma to find the right one and achieve their goals in practice and one-life liberation.
     We sincerely thank Master Ruma.