The Noble Belief for The Lives of Bearing The Pain of War
(The report on Master Ruma’s visit to Wounded Village 790 in Vientiane, the capital of Laos)

     On the visit to Vientiane Capital during the Songkran Festival of the Lao people in 2013, Master Ruma had a visit to the special Wounded Village 790 - the village of the 136 households of seriously wounded warriors after the wars, 20 km from Vientiane Capital.

     In the morning of 22nd April 2013, nearly 200 seriously wounded warriors, who are living in this village, together with other people in this area gathered early at the central hall to welcome the visit of Master Ruma.
At 9 AM, Master Ruma along with the Laotian monks entered the hall between the two rows of attendees who greeted Master respectfully. Looking at Master Ruma’s face and eyes while Master was walking slowly between the two rows of people, everyone did realize that Master was trying to repress his emotions as seeing many special cases of disability here.

     Also in attendance at such a moving visit were Ms. Sisalieu Thammatheva – the president of the Lao Association in Supporting for Poor Patients, Mr. Eric – the advisor of the Lao Assistance for the Handicapped Division, Miss Bounmee Somthala, the director of the Lao Assistance for the Handicapped Division, Lao Star Channel, Vietnam Television’s VTV3 Channel in Vientiane as well as the human kindness of many Laotian and Vietnamese citizens.
    On behalf of the heroic wounded warriors, Mr. Khamla expressed:

     "Today, the Wounded Warrior Centre 790 is very pleased and honored to welcome the visit of Master Ruma. We are also very pleased to welcome the television channels and the charity organizations. On behalf of the organizers, I would like to make a report so that Master Ruma and everyone will understand clearly: The wounded soldiers here are those who have gone through the fierce wars with France and the United States of America. All of the wounded warriors here have lost more than 80% of their strength. Therefore, we have put all the effort to grant the exclusive policies for those soldiers whose body was not intact after the wars. The politics and government of Laos are indeed very concerned, having granted accounts for the wounds, but their real life still has a great deal of difficulties and ado. Next, we would like to invite Master Ruma to come on stage and have a speech to the wounded brothers and all of us as well.”
     Master Ruma says: “Good morning everyone, may I say “Hello” to the heroes of Laos and the World?”
     “… You are the heroes in the heart of the people and also in my heart. You have made such magnanimous deep, regaining the freedom and peace for the human beings of Laos and your friend-country Vietnam.
     Buddha-Bodhisattva never forget what you have done and they will always give aid and support to all of you. Your sacrifices are the most magnanimous for your nation – Laos, bringing the peace and freedom for the country. I think that nobody will ever forget your noble services. You are the heroes in my heart. Never will I forget your sacrifices. Today, I come here with a few of presents to illustrate my love and compassion that I am always by your side.
     War is such ruthlessness. War is such karma for human beings. At the present, Laos is already peaceful and prosperous. The 21st century has arrived, there is no more war. You have already sacrificed enough. I come here to pray for you all to have a peaceful life. These presents are from what I and many of my students together saved up so as to support you.

     I would like to say this: Your sacrifices are the most noble and magnanimous deep of human. You are the angels, coming to this world to beautify the Earth, regaining the peace, liberty and bring the love and compassion to 

mankind. Your sacrifices and losses have awakened the world to realize that war is such badness, mercilessness for mankind. Thus, your sacrifices are showing the world to know how to treasure the tranquil life of all beings. You are the heroes in the heart of Vietnamese and Laotian people. I believe that no one forget any of you. So you should also be content with and accept those difficulties coming to you.

     Today, the Laotian monks and I come here, representing the love and compassion of the universe, Buddha-Bodhisattva to the heroes. I come to solace you with something about the Dharma. Human's incarnations all have causation. Wearing human’s body, we always have instability, insecurity and never achieve completion. Human’s incarnations are just afflictions and samsara (the cycle of birth, death and rebirth). Because of the karma, human’s ruthlessness has repressed them to be decadent in the prison of this human body. Humankind always bears the adversities with them, always bear the karmas; hence there are wars and conflicts with each other. That everything is due to the karmas has born these wars. There is not any country, any person who wants to create war; war is a result of karmas, a result of causality.
     I always pray for Laos, for the heroic martyrs and for the heroes who are still surviving after war, surviving in this human’s world to always live in peace and receive the aid from the universe.
     Even though I together with the monks come here with a few of presents, within one or two days you will use them up; but my presence is to represent the Love and Compassion from the universe to you. You will never live in poverty, sufferings or sicknesses.
     I wonder whether the translating lady doing her job well since you guys look so grave. Sometimes war happens just because of this kind of translation; since if the translation is wrong, war will come.” (Master is smiling)
     You guys do know that humankind has language barriers. War occurs, diseases and catastrophes happen to human beings since people don’t understand each other’s language. Some say this language, some say the other language; war will be born in a moment. Two countries fight each other to achieve the things neither sides understand. Therefore the karma is born there. Thus we now have to know how to accept it and be satisfied with them. The remaining years of your life, I [Master] hope that you will live well and healthily, because all of those are the karmas and causation which have brought the unfortunate to human.
     There is a world with neither causality nor karma that no one of this human’s world can ever reach there. That world never has any suffering, never has any war, and never has any disease; it has only one language without the need for translation. By the end of your life, if any of you doesn’t want to be a human any more, I will be ready, guiding you to come to that world. That is a place with only the beautiful scenery of heaven but never has any hardship or misunderstanding. That place uses only one kind of language. This is hard for you to believe, right? Because these things are beyond the knowledge of human’s mind, it’s hard for them to believe so. It’s just because human’s mind only sees from here to the wall over there; you cannot see any further. But the eyes of Buddha always see very far away. I have said that you are the heroes in my heart, when you turn 100 years old and your life is just about closed, I will come and lead you to the peaceful world and won’t let you keep on being wretched by war any more. There is no need to wage war to make these human bodies incomplete.
     Today, I am present at this place, with the heart of a monk, bringing few small gifts for you guys. This is the solace from my heart for you, though I know that nothing can compensate your sacrifices for the citizens, for the nation. Your sacrifice is really noble. This is the small presents giving to you. Please accept them. My advice for you is that: everything is all causes – all effects, everything is karma. It brings us birth, old age, sickness and death while making us live in this human’s world without completion, making us unable to know about the state of peace and contentment as well as liberation.

     I along with my disciples from everywhere in Vietnam have a few presents and a little fund to give to you. This is the heart from me and my students, expecting to have some compensation for your great losses.

     I hope that someday I will have the bound to see you again. Wishing you a happy new year with every things going well, Buddha-Bodhisattva always support you all. If you believe that I am always by your side, let me always live in your heart.

     Representing the Love and Compassion from the universe, I will spend my merit on always supporting the remaining years of your life to be peaceful. When the last page of your life is closed, I will come and lead you to the world of peace and salvation. You will never have to live in afflictions, sickness or war any more. If you would like to become a human in your next life, you will not live in war or disability like this but you will be a complete person in order to compensate what you have sacrificed in this incarnation. You will receive the reciprocation from the universe, having a comfortable and happy life.

     Thank you for spending some time listening to the Buddhist tenets’ ordinary and plain moral principles. I once again wish that you, the wounded heroes here, would receive the blessings from the aid of Buddha-Bodhisattva. Amitabha Buddha. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

 A representative of the Wounded Village 790 has returned Master Ruma’s courtesy:

“Dear Master Ruma,

 Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we are very glad to gather here and listen to Master Ruma’s doctrine preaching. All of the instructions and tenets that Master has spread to all of us are really meaningful for our life. That is the guideline and a torch has been lit up, enlightening the road that we walk on. All of M
aster Ruma’s indoctrination is invaluable encouragement for all of us. We believe that our remaining life is still hopeful. We will follow with all of what Master Ruma has guided and we promise that we will take all the doctrine and consolation into our life. Finally, there’s nothing more valuable that we would like to express our gratefulness for Master Ruma. I wish him good health 
and success on helping sentient beings achieve salvation. We also hope that, someday, we will see you again. Thank you everyone for bringing the presents and I wish that everyone would be healthy.”
     Master Ruma also wished Laotian for the New Year: “Once again, it’s still the new year of Laos, I wish you had peace and contentment from the support of Buddha and God. In this New Year, wishing you would regain the courage to step forward, becoming noble people so as to bring the forgiveness to those who have done bad things to you. New Year is year of forgiveness and compassion. So, I just have these few words for you, hoping that: New Year arrives, your courage/braveness will bring the peace and contentment to yourselves and your country, Laos, Amitabha Buddha”.
   Before leaving, Master Ruma
 went for a round to give a special fist to each of the severely wounded. Master Ruma’s compassion and the words have brought awakening in the soul of miserable lives for so long:

“I am a monk who has nothing but my heart, love and compassion. Here is my love/compassion although mango is a tiny physical thing, it is filled with Love and Compassion of mine and the monks who represent all the practitioners. You use this mango and then life after life generations after generations you won’t have any more affliction.

The photo of Master Ruma and the community of the wounded warriors of the village, which was taken before he left, has shaken the heart of everyone who sees it even just for one time. We believe that it will live forever as the time goes by while becoming a symbol of the protection call for the peace on earth.

 We hope that many of those who have got the sufferings from war like these severely wounded warriors will have a chance to see the living Master of the 21st century, Master Ruma, in order that their soul will liberate those remaining afflictions due to the war; so as that their current life will be liberated even when

 their incomplete bodies are still existing in this human’s life.

     We hope that this short article will contribute to awake human beings’ good senses to realize that every war occurring in our humankind’s world, regardless of whatever reason, is just meaningless, the most ruthless, establishing such really severe karma and leading to afflictions/sufferings for so many generations.

     Humankind should love and forgive our own mistakes, building a world of only Love, Compassion and Merciful Humanity. This is also a message from the universe that Master Ruma sends to us.

The total fund and offered presents that Master Ruma spent for the Wounded Village 790 sum up to 4,000 US Dollar.