Songkran Festival 2013 Under The Grace and Blessings of A Living Master

     Master Ruma is a living master born in Vietnam. Over the last years, he has propagated the Dharma in several nations of the Southeast Asia and all over the world, bringing the universe’s compassion to the people living there. “Master Ruma” is such a popular name to those devout citizens of Theravada tradition from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar… During the trip of propagating the Dharma in 2013, on the occasion of Lao people’ traditional new year, Master Ruma visited Vientiane capital and wishing the Lao people always in peace, becoming wealthier and wealthier.

     Picking up Master Ruma on the afternoon of 14th April 2013 at Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, there were Lao monks from Sokpaluang Buddhism High School, the president of the Lao Red Cross, Mrs Sisalieu along with her family, plenty of Lao government’s officers as well as many Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese people currently living in Vientiane.
     For the last few years, in Vientiane together with other regions of Laos, there have been many practitioners learning meditation from Master Ruma. They all have found inner peace and contentment in their soul while their health has been improved. Master Ruma has visited Laos several times and together with his international students, he has also carried out plentiful charity activities and events for the vision-impaired children of eye hospital, Hansen’s disease (leprosy) village or the Disabled Rehabilitation Center, etc. Especially he really gives care to the education of Lao monks.

      The Welcome Ceremony for Master Ruma was touchingly organized by the Vientiane citizens in such Lao People’s custom. They respectfully presented all of t

he best wishes to the living Master. On behalf of Master Ruma’s disciples who live in Vientiane, Mrs Somchit said that:

     "Dear Master Ruma, our beloved master!

     Dear all the Buddhist priests and all

 of the fellow-practitioners presented here. I am Somchit Soukvongsai and I am very honored representing the Lao fellow-practitioners to have a few words respectfully offering to Master Ruma. In the jubilant atmosphere of Laos’ Songkran, we are very delighted to welcome the visit of Master Ruma. Today we have all gathered here, with all of our deferential heart offering to Master Ruma, who has brought the liberation method for Lao people, delivering the love and compassion from Heaven to bein

gs who are still living in the ignorance, while helping them achieve enlightenment so as to help them escape from suffers. He has showed and directed us the way back to our origin in order to live in eternal happiness forever.

     Dear beloved Master! Based on the habits and traditions of Laos, New Year occasion is an opportunity for us, the Lao people, to express our respectful devotion to our parents, to those who granted us favors and to people who are closed to us. Today, we are really delighted to welcome Master Ruma in the traditional custom of Laos. I would like to represent the fellow-practitioners to wish that our beloved Master would always be healthy so as to help the living beings receive the Grace of Buddha - Bodhisattva. Wishing the world would always be peaceful and especially our nation Laos would always receive the Grace from He

      Responding the sincere hearts of the devout Vientiane citizens, Master Ruma along with those people had their eyes closed and prayed for Laos’ inhabitants and the whole nation, in this New Year, would receive great blessings of Buddhist  Bodhisattva, wishing all beings on earth would always live in peace, prosperity and happiness. The Lao people together held a white thread, starting from Master Ruma’ hand and extending to each individual. They all felt Master Ruma’s power of compassion and immortal merit that he transmitted to them through this mystery thread; their faces showed true happiness.

      Master Ruma tied the thread to each individual while blessing them. Today, for the very first time, the Lao people have heard Master Ruma talking about the sacred meaning of the white thread connecting everyone with the Master as well as the meaning of the wrist-tying thread. These are the stories from the time Buddha was still living 2,500 years ago, and have been conserved and developed into a beautiful tradition when a new year comes.

     Before, the buddha used the long white thread to link all of the people who were his predestined affinity to take away their karma and suffering. And thr

ough that long white thread, which connected the Buddha with his disciples, he used his power to give them the blessing from God  
     In 2013, the visit of Master Ruma with his wishes for Laos has awaken the inner soul of its people. It brought them back to the glory days of 2500 years ago, where the magic and miracle were recreated. Besides that, it also made Laos people show more respect and sincere to their traditions. Vientiane citizens, one after the other, sprayed scented water on Master Ruma's hand with the best wishes to express their respect and gratitude to the visit and blessings of Master Ruma.
     We believe that with all of Lao People’s faith and devotion for Master Ruma, the living Buddha of the 21st century will bring this nation a change. From now on, the Lao people and their country will receive the grace and blessings from Heaven.