Light and Sound from Heaven:

Special blessings for Mother’s day in Thailand

12 August 2016

     Every year, August 12th is celebrated in Thailand, a famous holiday celebrating National Mother’s day and Queen’s birthday.  This year, the disabled people and local residents of Udonthani were fortunate enough to celebrate this special day with the Enlightened Master of this century, Master Ruma.


Disabled people paying respect to their mother/elderly to celebrate the Mother’s Day

    This would be the third time that Master Ruma officially visited the disabled community in Udonthani. Since the first visit to the blind and disabled community back in 2013, there have been a number of blind and disabled individuals who received initiation from the Master. Seemingly since then, their lives have significantly improved and their inner connection with the Master has strengthened. 
    Everyone was so happy and excited to hear that their loving spiritual Master was coming to visit Udonthani again.  The Disabled people and local natives came together to help decorate the lecture venue, happily looking forward to seeing the Master once again.
    On the morning of August 12th, the Udonthani Rajabhat University on Sam Phrao Campus, had an atmosphere full of joy and happiness. Hundreds of disabled people from provinces all around Udonthani gradually arrived at the front hall, where the lecture was being held. There were booths set up displaying handcrafts made by the local disabled people created from the funds provided by Master Ruma to the Heart of Disabled People Association last year.  This was to support a career training program to allow the disabled develop a sustainable income and a dignified place for themselves in society.

Funds that Master Ruma donated to the Heart of Disabled People Association last year had created income
and pride to disabled people in Udonthani. 

     After lunch time, the spacious hall was full of people who wanted to join the special event and gain blessings from the Living Master. There were over 500 people gathered in the hall today. Most of them had already taken their seats and were excitedly waiting for Master’s arrival. A group of disabled people and locals stood in line at the front of the hall, waiting to welcome the Master.
    Around 1:30 PM, Master Ruma arrived at the hall along with a small group of his disciples. Ms. Thanchanok Namwong, President of the Udonthani Heart of Disabled People Association, joined the disabled people at the front of the hall to welcome the Master with flowers. Their faces shined when they saw their beloved Master. The Master was also delighted to see them. He clearly remembered these disabled people’s sincere and strong hearts from his previous visits. 


People bowed to Master Ruma with high respect as he walked pass by.

    Master Ruma slowly walked past the people who were respectfully bowing to him, greeting everyone with pressed hands and his compassionate smile. After sitting down on the arranged seating set up on stage, he greeted everyone.
     “Hello, how are you? I missed all of you. Thank you for coming…”
     Ms. Thanchanok Namwong, President of Udonthani Heart of Disabled People Association, welcomed Master.
    “Dear Master Ruma, we are so happy that you are here visiting Udonthania again. Our Association has always received grace from you, which we greatly appreciate. When we first founded this association, we didn’t have any funding and had no idea how to find it, but then you came and helped us with unexpected funds. We have made sure to use every penny of that funding very considerately.  We use it to support our disabled friends in need, to train them in developing skills and careers so they can learn how to support themselves. We still have some money kept and saved from your initial provided funding. Thank you very much Master for helping us improve our lives...”
    Master Ruma looked around the hall compassionately and then started his lecture:
    “Thank you foryourpatience to come and listen to what I have to say. I’m very happy to see you all again here in Udonthani.
    There is a translating device which is put in my ears. It is so high-tech.I don’tevenknow how to turn iton.Don’t think that just because the Master came from America, a high tech country of science and riches, he knows everything. No, it’s not like that.
     I know everything but not when it comes to this.  I don’t know anything about this world because this is not my world. My world is heaven. My world is beautiful. It has everything; there is no suffering, no fights, no disaster and no sickness. There is only peace, love and compassion.  Everyone is beautiful and has a beautiful, rich heart.  All you have to do is think what you want and everything just comes to you.  We live in a world where everything is a problem; everything comes with suffering and obstacles appearing in front of you, within your lives and within your roles.
    That’s why I have come here: to share with you all the Love, Compassion and Peace from Heaven. The Law of Karma always destroys this peace and love for humans.  It doesn’t give human the success of love from Heaven, Buddha or God. That’s why you don’t get what you wish for, want or any success in life.
    Sometimes people who are very rich still suffer; they don’t live in peace. Some people pray to live in peace, but still live in suffering.  Humans carry Karma from top to bottom, the Law of Karma controlling their lives cycle after cycle. How do we clear this?  How do we destroy this trend of unhappiness?  How do we destroy the Karma that we carry into our life?
    Why do we live in Karma? Why don’t we have peace?  Why are we not successful? It’s because humans forget the nature and love based teachings of Buddha and God.  Humans accept the devil as a part of their family. If they are told this, no one would agree, everyone argues back: ‘I don’t accept that, I want peace love and success during this human life.  Why did this negative come into my life? Why wasn’t I given a beautiful life?’
    This is all because of Karma. The root of Karma is created by us and accepted by us. That’s why I have come here today, to share about Love, Compassion and Peace from Heaven, Buddha, Nirvana and from your inner Buddha nature with you…”

Everyone in the hall listened to the noble Dharma from the Living Master intently.

    Everyone listened to the Master’s lecture intently. Even though their human bodies weren’t complete, their souls could still perceive the truth from his words, his compassion flowing directly from his heart into their hearts.
    The Master continued:
    “…If you want you can learn light and sound mediation to connect with Buddha’s love and clear the Karma within you. You can use love and the powerful connection with Buddha through meditation to change your life, to burn the Karma you have created from your past and current lives. Then, if you decide to come back into another life, you will be successful and have a beautiful life…
    …We have to burn the Karma, otherwise we will continue to be reborn into suffering and lack of peace. We suffer because of ego, selfishness and human anger, the Law of Karma controls humans…”

    “…That’s the reason I came in here to share with you, look at your inner and learn to accept who you are, why we came in here. And continue our lives and accept love from heaven, Nirvana, from Buddha, from God, from whoever you believe the most, to know our inner, to know the almighty power within you, to accept the love and compassion from Buddha, from God, from the Buddha nature and from all the power within you. Don’t give up your life no matter what comes your way, whatever the Law of Karma may throw at you to be unsuccessful and have an imperfect life, you must agree with it and change it from the power of Light and Sound Meditation.
    Thank you for your patience, thank you for your Love. I pray for your country and for all of you to live in peace with the love and blessings from heaven and Buddha.”
     It is not easy to meet a living Master during this lifetime. There were many people who wanted to come to see Master today, but they couldn’t due to their physical conditions.  Master Ruma spoke about the reason for this:
    “If they cannot come to see the Master, we have to accept it.  If someonecannot comeit simply meansthis is not their time. Just likefruits on atree, if the time is not right wecannot pick them. If we pick themwhen they aren’t ripe, they will be bitter and sour. I understand human lives are not always successfulnor perfect. That is their Karma. Justbe patient. If you want me to clear and burn this Karma for you, I will be happy to do so.  Sometimes we cannot do anything for the people who do not have enough merit or power to pass through the obstacles in order to see the Master.”
     Before the end of the program, Master Ruma gave his blessings to the country:
    “Ok, once again, thank you for your patience. I pray to Buddha to please bless your lives and your country to have peace and Love.
     Today is mother’s day, a big holiday in Thailand, am I right?  As a representative ofBuddha, I pray for all the mothers tohave peace, loveand blessings from heaven.”

 Master Ruma donated 200,000 Baht to the Udonthani Heart of Disabled People Association

     Today, Master Ruma donated 200,000 Baht to the Udonthani Heart of Disabled People Association for their respective use.
     Ms.  Thanchanok Namwong showed her gratitude:
    “On behalf of the Udonthani Heart of Disabled People Association, I would like to thank Master Ruma and his foundation for supporting us with funds for our operation in the past and today. Your donation will be used towards the disabled people in Udonthani.  I am very glad to know that Master Ruma never forgot us. Today is an extra lucky day, in that today is Mother’s day as well as the day that Master Ruma came to lecture. I would like to thank Master for visiting us today. Thank you Master”
    After the speech, there was a representative from the disabled people who performed traditional dance as an offering of respect and gratitude for the Master, followed by a song sung by a group of disabled individuals. They didnt have much to give in return for Master Ruma’s great compassion, they simply wanted to show gratitude to their beloved Master, which resonated from their voices.
     The next program of the day was a mini-concert put on by Vietnamese singers. 

     All the songs that the singers sang were written from the poems in Master Ruma’s journal during his time of seeking enlightenment. Most of the songs were about his love and gratitude for his mother.  Although having great empathy for his mother’s difficult life in order to bring up her children, his only way to return this gratitude to his mother was to be enlightened, as enlightenment is the greatest merit one can achieve during their human life.

    The beautiful music and vocals that were being performed by various singers were resonating through everyone’s hearts. Even though they couldn’t fully understand the language, they could still feel the love coming from these singers, from the power of the Living Master.

This day the hall was covered by the beautiful light and sound from heaven that Master Ruma specially brought for the Disabled people and everyone here.

     Master Ruma brought blessings from heaven to everyone in the hall to clear the negative energy on this land through voices and music of this spiritual performance. Even though people may not have realized, the hall was covered with the power of light and sound from heaven.

     Even though the Master had already left, the happiness and invisible blessings still remained within everybody’s hearts.  Even though the people only met Master for a couple of hours today, the merit they gained by seeing him and listening to the Dharma from the Living Buddha is incomparable.  It will help lift up their spirit and allow their lives to be better. We were glad that both the disabled and normal people received initiation from Master Ruma today. From now on, their lives would be changed for the better.



     As Thai disciples, we would like to thank Master Ruma for providing blessings from heaven into the country of Thailand, especially the historical land of Udonthani, once again.