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     Master Ruma’s teaching is full of love and sympathy. With his great wisdom, he helps us discover the mysteries of the universe by practicing the Light and Sound Meditation Method no matter who we are. All of the scientific achievements gained by human beings are just the reflections of our potentials. Only by complying with Buddhist rules under the instruction of a living Master and practicing the Light and Sound Meditation Method can human discover their unlimited power.

      He suggests that we should look inward, test those great capabilities by ourselves and receive the support together with the immense love of God, Buddha and Bodhisattva.
     He shows us the way to the beautiful spiritual world which is the origin of our souls, the place we are nourished by the Halo and the Sage Sound of the universe and the place misery and fear for unseen forces no longer exists.
     He helps us become our own prominent Buddha nature by:

         - Bringing tremendous love, internal beauty, eternal happiness and values of the Truth, the Virtue and the Beauty to mankind and the world.

         - Appreciating every second, every minute while we are alive in this world because all the misery and misfortune are valuable spiritual lessons, helping us progress on the way to the peak of enlightenment.

    This book comprises of selected outstanding lectures delivered by the knowledgeable Master of our century. It is a present for you from Master Ruma.